Learn About Sales Paddock

Equestrian Businesswomen is pleased to welcome Sales Paddock as a partner of the 2019 EQBW Summit. Sales Paddock's goal is to simplify the sales process, especially at horse shows. Sellers are busy, and buyers want to watch the horse in a show environment. They have simplified the process, making it easy for you to upload horses and set up when the horse is going to show or school. The idea for Sales Paddock meets many needs for the horse professional and enthusiast, like the ever-growing trend to do everything from your phone, easier software than the traditional desktop sales forum, increased exposure for professionals to buyers at horse shows, and less expensive and shorter advertising times than desktop sales platforms. They are continually rolling out new features to make the Sales Paddock App the easiest and most effective way to buy and sell horses. Learn more at www.SalesPaddock.com or download the app to your phone today.