How We Started

Equestrian Businesswomen was the brainchild of Jennifer Wood of Jennifer Wood Media, Inc. and Jump Media, who wanted to put on an event that would bring like-minded entrepreneurs together for camaraderie, support, and networking. The equestrian industry is dominated by women, but there is a missed opportunity for these women to learn from each other, especially when it comes to some of the nuances that can be unique to this space. EQBW gives these bright, energetic, entrepreneurial women the chance to expand their knowledge and contacts through others, no matter what the discipline or sport.



Support can happen simply by talking to another person who is in a similar situation or has been through it. By being able to share experience and relate, Equestrian Businesswomen can help connect like-minded professionals to connect on a variety of subjects for their business and provide advice, feedback, or just a listening ear.



Education can be found on our blog as well as during our summits.  In addition, education takes place every time you learn from other people's experiences. Equestrian Businesswomen opens the door to meeting new people - often cross-discipline - who understand the unique aspects of the equine industry.



No one else knows the industry better than those already immersed in it. The businesswomen in the equine industry understand the unique skill set needed. Networking in this group is an effective way to land a new job, find a new employee, or discover new leads.


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